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© 2017 by Danielle Kantola


Growing up on the edge of the Canadian wilderness, one foot in our fast-paced modern society, one in the endless wilds of the North, Danielle found solace in the teeming stillness of nature. She began drawing at a young age, taught by her mother and grandmother, and inspired by the natural world.


As she grew, her passion for art took root, becoming the driving force that fuelled her life. She moved to the West Coast and studied computer animation at Think Tank Training Centre in North Vancouver, BC, and later worked in the film industry as a modeling and texture artist. Although the city was full of excitement, her love of nature remained alive within her, filling her with the desire to explore. With a backpack full of art supplies, she traveled, finding inspiration in the colours of India, the cultures of Europe, the rugged slopes of New Zealand, and the bustling markets of Morocco.


She currently focuses on traditional art, but remains current in the CG industry through her freelance of digital models and sculptures. Her paintings come to realization through the exploration of colour combined with her passion for nature. She enjoys focusing on detail and contrast through negative space.