Danielle was born in Thunder bay, Ontario and grew up drawing and painting with her grandmother who had studied painting at OCAD.  Danielle moved to North Vancouver, BC in 2010 where she studied computer animation at Think Tank Training Centre.  She later worked in the film industry as a modeling and texture artist before relocating to Thunder bay for personal reasons.  During this time, she began to focus more on traditional art while continuing in the CG industry through her freelance of digital models and sculptures.  She enjoys working with watercolour and experimenting with other mediums like pen and ink and compressed tinted charcoal.  In January 2020 Danielle took part in an artist residency in Japan and began learning sumi ink painting.

Her personal style is a reflection of the accumulation of her travels and all of her life experiences.  It focuses mainly on the nature and wildlife she has been exposed to throughout her life.  She draws inspiration for her subject matter from trips overseas or across canada’s vast backcountry.  Some of the more exotic destinations,  for example India and Nepal, have influenced her style through the addition of bright colours.  Danielle’s goal is to produce expressive, colourful paintings that will intrigue others, and allow others to experience the subject matter in a new way.

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